Safe Moving and Placement


Moving around products that are inherently designed not to be moved can be a challenge. At Vancouver Safes, we offer professional and affordable delivery and installation services utilizing industry specific tools and unmarked vehicles. If you have a strong back and strong friends, you’re welcome to come and pick up your new safe. That said, most of our clients say our very reasonable delivery and installation charges were money very well spent! 

Professional Installation


Many people don't realize that properly positioning and securing a safe in place will greatly increase the effective protection it offers. Maximize your protection with our professional safe installation services.


We are...




  • SAVTA MEMBERS (Safe and Vault Technicians Association)

​Product Service and User Training


Often minor issues can become major ones that can be costly to fix if not adressed in a timely manner. Let us help you keep your safe in optimum working condition by adhering to the manufacturer service recommendations.


Have questions about how to properly operate your safe or have a new staff member that is critical to your operation? We'll bring them up to speed and make sure they are familiar with proper operating procedures for your model of safe.

SAVTA Member
Physical Security Consulting


Unfortunately, we often see the aftermath of burglaries before someone purchases a safe. Use our expertise to your advantage. Give us a call today and talk to us about how a quality safe can vastly improve your overall security plan.