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When Hans Stockinger began manufacturing safes in Munich in 1978, he had a vision: He wanted to build not only the safest but also the most beautiful safes in the world.

Safes that could be perfectly integrated into elegant private interiors and free the precious collections of jewellery, watch and art lovers from grey safes in the basement. Today, more than 40 years later, this vision is as alive as ever and is reflected in every detail of Stockinger safes.

Whenever a new safe is developed at Stockinger, they have a clear goal: to build the best safe in the world. Uncompromising security, perfect craftsmanship and completely individual exterior and interior design.

Masterpieces for people who are satisfied with nothing but the best. Stockinger safes are equally at home in the residences of the high nobility, the villas and yachts of sports and film stars, the penthouses of entrepreneurs and the lofts of private collectors.

Clients whom we value above all else, but about whom we would never talk - discretion is our highest priority. 

Stockinger safe
CHIMERA platinum series stocktronic.jpg
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