Vancouver Safes is proud to have been selected as the only North American dealer of world class Stockinger Bespoke Safes.



Each time Stockinger develops the characteristics of a new safe, they keep one goal in mind, and that’s to build ​the world’s best safe​. Without compromise for security​, perfect craftsmanship focuses on the interior and exterior design specifications of our clients. Stockinger we develops, designs and manufactures a collection of luxury safes that are second-to-none worldwide in terms of technology and aesthetics, setting the bar time and again. In other words, safes that are as secure as your bank yet far more beautiful. Our variety of models provide perfect solutions for the storage of your jewelry and other valuable items.


The process of creating a Stockinger safe is unique. Each safe, cabinet and box is handmade from start to finish. Every component of a Stockinger product is made of the utmost quality in Germany.

No matter your taste, we can tailor the look and design of any safe to suit your personal vision. To create a single Stockinger safe, over thirty experts are involved, utilizing their expertise to continue to progress and ensure the high-design standards and quality craftsmanship standards we uphold in a brand known and respected worldwide.

Stockinger safes feature Erwin Sattler high-precision watch winders. Sattler-Beluwo® technology guarantees technical perfection: Each drum has its own motor and can be programmed individually to move your watches independently and precisely per manufacturer specification. In order to achieve a harmonious overall look, all watch winders remain at a 12 o'clock position after the winding interval has taken place.

An integrated database with more than 10,000 wrist watches guarantees the optimal movement rhythm for each model. Number of rotations, rotation direction, active and idling phases, each detail exactly corresponds to the specifications set by the manufacturer. Programming is simply WLAN effected via Smartphone or tablet PC.

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